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It must have been around 3 years ago that I found myself wanting to write songs. I left the 6th form college at Tewkesbury School in the summer of 2002, and found various jobs along the way since, including book selling and being a member of the Roadchef team in the Strensham Motorway service station shop.

In 2004 I really started trying to take in what Ryan Adams and Johnny Cash and The Strokes were doing, and began crafting songs of my own. Ever since, the songs have always been the way of communicating that I've felt most comfortable with.

Most of it happens around the sound of the acoustic guitar, but Id use any instrument that sounds best depending on the song.

In late 2004 I embarked on a college course at Worcester. It seemed appealing to me, so I applied and was offered a place on the Access to Music course. While on the course, I formed bands and performed at The Marr's Bar in Worcester a couple of times and on the local Hereford and Worcester Radio as well as on the Kerrang Stage at Music Live held in the NEC. This was all a great experience and I can't imagine I would have done all of that at that time had I not been on the course.

I'm now part of two bands Boothill Town and The Carousel. Both of these groups were formed as a result of meeting the people I did whilst on my college course. Things are a bit crazy at the moment and so in Boothill Town we haven't really played together for a while, but The Carousel is going well and we've got a good batch of songs that are on the verge of being ready to perform!

As for my own new material, I look forward to getting it down. This is an exciting time because they are completely different (lyrically speaking) - to anything Ive done before. Obviously I'll announce more when it starts coming together!